Alphabets of Performance Art (2016) from Leena Kela on Vimeo.

All photos Christopher Hewitt

Alphabets of Performance Art

In Alphabets of Performance Art I perform with the materials and objects that are typical for performance art. The performance is based on over 15 years of research within the art form. I have selected 26 different materials and objects that form the language of the performance art and perform them from A to Z. If A is an apple, what do you think P could be? Paint, paper, piss?



Playtime, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds, Great Britain

Hangö Teaterträffen, Hanko, Finland

Hurraa! A festival for children and young people, Mad House, Annantalo and Vuotalo, Helsinki, Finland

Fine Arts Academy, University of Arts Helsinki, Finland


Live Art for Kids festival, Ålborg, Denmark

MOPE 16 festival, Theater Casa, Vaasa, Finland

RAVY Biennale, Museum of Blackitude, Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa

They Come from Far Away festival, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand


FESTIVAALI!, Theaterdiscounter, Berlin, Germany

Month of Performance Art, Meinblau Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Breathing Live Art Event, TEHDAS Theater, Turku, Finland