Portrait of Nees-Skalstrup

In this project I am collaborating with French sound artist Jean-Léon Pallandre. We are working in the Danish village Nees-Skalstrup in West Jutland. Our working period happens between June and September in 2017.

We create a performance portrait of a Danish village Nees-Skalstrup by meeting with everyone living in the village. We knock on a door of every house in the village and ask everyone to participate in the collective portrait by giving away one object and one sound that seems interesting for him/her. We are interested by very ordinary daily life objects and sounds the inhabitants can find in their homes. The object can be anything that a participant wants to donate for the collective portrait and the sound can be anything from home that you would like to give for recording, but it must be a short sound event, a few seconds sound, maximum one minute.

The portrait of Nees-Skalstrup with objects and sounds will be performed in September 2017 as part of Meetings festival.